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On Record Playlists

The following PLAYLISTS have been created in celebration of black music in Liverpool and the role it has played in our ever-evolving city and communities over the past 70 years.

Every Monday, from 2 November, will see a new PLAYLIST released for everyone to enjoy. Listen in below.


A playlist to accompany ‘Beneath the Merseybeat’, a podcast providing a fascinating insight into Black music in Liverpool. Focusing on the post-war era to the late 1970s, it explores how Black American music arrived in the city and the impact of these sounds on Liverpool’s music community & beyond.


I have picked these twenty songs so the people that went there back in the day can remember found memories of their youth; I loved the way I could play full album tracks and the crowd were very in to that. I credit that to the fact that they knew their music and the heavy mix of American service men that came to our all-nighters. Still if you asked me to put twenty TP songs together tomorrow it would be a different list… anyway enjoy. One Love. (Les Spaine)


During the mid to late 90’s Black Music in Liverpool had a bit of a stigma attached to it, authorities would label black music clubs and events with violence (which was just ludicrous), therefore we were limited to which venues would allow us to play and cater to the demand for the music in the city.

Luckily we had places like Kirkland’s, Lola’s and the Conti, which would bring all parts of the communities and many of our celebrities together. Drawing everyone from Footballers to Musicians and Actors, Kirkland’s was a regular spot for all walks of life that just wanted to hear quality music and good vibes. It was always a who’s who of what celebs would show up and party away with the locals, Kirkland’s was a landmark venue for us during the time, as we had to face a lot of racial profiling, so we had to defy that somehow, some way… (Spykatcha)


DJ 2Kind is always championing the next generation of Black Music artists from across Merseyside through his L100 radio show and showcases. This playlist is made up of a few of those artists.