With a diverse list of influences ranging from 90s hip-hop, modern producers like Four Tet and Burial and singers such as Buddy Holly and Nancy Sinatra, 22 year old Liverpool-based singer/songwriter/producer Mary Miller uses a sequencer to mix drum loops and samples with a haunting 50s-esque guitar tone to construct an altogether ethereal sound. As elements of electronica and hip-hop music are fused with that of retro guitar pop, she creates dream pop; but darker.

“Tripping backwards and forwards in time through dreamy landscapes, Mary Miller finds the sweet spot between retro groove and futuristic sparseness”   Bido Lito

“Ethereal Majesty”   The Skinny

“Producing a series of bedroom demos using a sequencer to mix drum loops and samples with distinct 50s-esque electric guitar lines – cinematic, sweeping dark trip-pop; mysteriously haunting yet stunningly pleasant”   Getintothis

Listen to Mary’s live track ‘Felt’ here