20 – 23 July 2017



A complete force within electronic music, Yousef has come to represent the ethos of the modern DJ.

Balancing musical maturity and a surge to the future, Yousef is unique.

Ibiza to Indonesia, Argentina to America, South Africa to South Korea, few corners have been untouched by the seasoned authentic and peerless dj, label owner, producer & remixer.  Renowned for his huge singles, ‘Come Home’, ‘Float Away’ & ‘Analogue Times’ and of course ‘Beg’ (which sat at the top of the Beatport charts for 10 weeks) the range, quality and dynamic among them illustrates Yousef’s width of imagination and creativity.

Yousef’s world-renowned club event, Circus, is now proudly in its 12th year of activity in its home city of Liverpool, and now befittingly, one of the most important soirees of its kind, awarded UK Club Of The Year by the BBC. With sold out Circus events in Barcelona, Manchester and Serbia, a travelling Circus has been formed.