20 – 23 July 2017



Summer Jam, Sunday 23rd July, 17.20 – 17.50, ItsLiverpool Stage, Sefton Park, Liverpool, FREE

Meet a frontwoman that can sing like Patsy Cline, whose songs crackle with the drama and fire of Cat Power and Radiohead, but whose grit is like that of her many female heroes, like PJ Harvey and Patti Smith. Then there’s her working-class background, which informs her songs’ persuasive politics, and her fascinating life story, which gives her songs heart and soul. Only three years ago, Louisa Roach start playing with the musicians who now stand together as She Drew The Gun, one of Liverpool’s most exciting new groups, who’ve already played 6Music sessions, and impressed Glastonbury’s organisers so much last year that they won the festival’s Emerging Talent contest hands-down.

This March, ‘Memories Of Another Future’ arrives, the extended version of their fabulous debut album, with new tracks and new artwork, full of passion and protest, love and war. For any frontwoman, this would be a glorious debut, a proud document of graft and glory hard-won and long fought for. For a mother of a young boy who turned her life around with education in her late 20s before turning her hand to writing songs seriously, it’s a particularly valedictory album – behind which stands an extraordinary tale.