Summer Jam, Sunday 23 July, 15.00 – 15.25, Central Stage, Sefton Park, Liverpool, FREE

When Louis Berry was growing up in a troubled household and heading into some more of his own, his grandfather took him to one side and gave him a banjo.

After a long period of going seriously off the rails Louis returned to music, where the banjo eventually gave way to the guitar. Since then the likable lad from Liverpool’s Kirkby district has barely had a moment to look back. He signed a publishing deal at his first gig, a record deal at the second, and has since recorded in the country capital of Nashville and learned his craft in Hamburg, just like the Beatles 50 years before him.

Along the way, there have been rapturously received shows and festival triumphs, while his debut EP, ‘Rebel’, received Radio 1’s Zane Lowe’s coveted honour, “the hottest record in the world today”.

Louis’s fiery, up-tempo, social commentary-filled rock ‘n’ roll music is delivered in a Liverpudlian Dylan rasp and acknowledges his key influences – Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke and Tupac Shakur – without sounding one bit arch, knowing, stylised or retro.